...Parafraseando a Barthes, todo un sistema de signis articula nuestro deseo. Por ejemplo: yo puedo expresarte mi amor, pero no puedo exigírtelo. Yo puedo intentar seducirte, pero no puedo forzarte a responderme. Yo puedo sentir celos de tí, e incluso puedo expresarlos, pero no puedo exigirte que dejes de causármelos. Yo puedo besarte y a veces incluso puedo hacerte el amor, pero no puedo pedirte que me correspondas. Yo puedo darte lo que se me antoje, pero no puedo esperar nada a cambio...¿Y tu? Tú posees una sola prohibición. Lo curioso es que no te la he impuesto yo, sino tú misma: puedes hacer lo que quieras, absolutamente todo lo que quieras, excepto una cosa: ceder a mi voluntad de romper este maldito acuerdo.

Fragmento de el fin de la locura de Jorge Volpi

viernes, febrero 25, 2005


Wanted to buy you shiny red things
Thought i'd be with you until the end
How did i know that i would be there
Blow me away
See if i care

Death of a future
Goodbye to my friends
Wish i could see you all again
Family hollow
Family real
Wish you were here
See how i feel

Kill a man
Kill a girl
Kill a man
Kill a girl

Jekyll in you
Brings out the wired in me
I have no defense
I'm all that you see
The night is a bomb blast
The night is on fire
Sing with me in the gasoline choir

And you say you want to change our minds
I've paid for you're belif with mine
Of all the bravest stands in time


viernes, febrero 11, 2005

Was he a poet?

Was he a poet?
Was it really time to disappear?
He had his intuition
I had to have lines on my paper
He was the most ancient thing that I could grasp
Fleetingly still counts
He had the sea and you had the moon
I had my reason

Maybe I was afraid youπd read some truths about me
Because youπve always been a mirror like that
How youπd watch me get all mixed up How youπd watch me mess it all up

I should have known
By your bag of poems and trap doors
Should have called that one
Should have called that one
Should have called that one

Edison Woods

viernes, febrero 04, 2005

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